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FUTF and all its committees stand for openness and equality, and actively combat discrimination. A survey conducted by Uppsala Teknolog- och naturvetarkår revealed that an alarmingly high proportion of the students of TekNat had been violated, harrassed, or been treated differently because of any of the discrimination grounds.

Our purpose is to "enhance the study environment and the social life of students admitted to the program Teknisk Fysik at Uppsala University." Therefore it is of utmost importance to highlight the issue and actively discourage discrimination, as well as work for equality within the program. Below is a summary of what we do and who to turn to when confronted with discrimination.


According to the Discrimination Act, discrimination includes people being disadvantaged or violated due to any of the seven grounds of discrimination. It does not matter if this is done directly or indirectly, discrimination is still completely unacceptable.
The seven grounds covered by the anti-discrimination law are: gender, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, and age.
FUTF stands for openness and against unfair treatment or abusive behavior whether it’s defined as discrimination or not.

You can read more about discrimination on the Equality Advocate's (DO) website:

Saftey Advocate

Each year FUTF appoints a safety officer in each grade. The main responsibility lies with FUTF's study social representative, who you can email at studiesoc@futf.se. More contact details are also available under the "Engagerade (coming soon to the site!)."

You can contact them if you or someone in your vicinity has been mistreated, by a lecturer or by another student. They can also be contacted about anything in your study environment.

Our safety representatives are Matteo Menniti year 5, John Rahme year 4 and Johanna Blomstedt year 3.

The study advisers are bound to secrecy!

If you feel uneasy about turning to another student, it’s possible to schedule an appointment with the guidance counselors when it comes to issues like social well-being, discrimination and mistreatment, etc. The study advisers are bound to secrecy regarding such sensitive issues and it is part of their job, so do not hestitate to email them to studievagledare-f@uadm.uu.se. They set time aside in their schedules to talk with students, so it’s almost always possible to get a time reltatively soon.


Our student union, UTN, also works with equal treatment. Studen Welfare officer for UTN can be reached at soc@utn.se. You can also contact UTN at Uthgård. Contact can also be made anonymously on https://www.utn.se/en/forms/1893.

Equal Treatment Plan

The TekNat Faculty treatment plan can be found in english here http://admin.webb.uu.se/infoglueDeliverWorking/digitalAssets/303/303011_3lika-villkorspl-2015-2017_eng.pdf

Jämställdhet på engelska Jämställdhet på engelska
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